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Choosing the Right Unique Designer cards for Your Wedding

Couples are made in heaven but on earth, they are connected with each other with special bond called, marriage. Marriages are considered as the most solemn and special bond in almost every

Muslim wedding invitation – a feel of royalty

Technology is dashing at a sharp pace. With improved printing and state-of-the-art designing, there has been a huge change in the world of wedding cards. The range of wedding which are on

Muslim marriage and their invitation cards

Muslims have always upheld the custom to be highly persuaded by their tradition and culture. They have always given the importance to the Holy Quran which is believed to be the root

The uniqueness of the invitation cards is as beautiful as the religion itself

Other than diversities in terms of religions, nothing is much different in terms of life processes and occasions related to the daily lives of the human beings. For each and every religion,

Do you have a Look at our beautiful Muslim wedding cards?

India is rich in culture and heritage and so are its people. It is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, though being a Hindu nation it has given equal rights and