The uniqueness of the invitation cards is as beautiful as the religion itself

Other than diversities in terms of religions, nothing is much different in terms of life processes and occasions related to the daily lives of the human beings. For each and every religion, the ceremony of marriage is considered to be an occasion of spreading love, as the couples to get married are about to start a new life that would increase the amount of love their lives. That is another reason behind organizing the particular ceremony with a touch of beauty and warmth. The same is done while publishing wedding cards, as they are considered to be the ambassadors of the ceremony.

 In Islamic philosophy, the ceremony of wedding is termed as ‘Nikaah’ and invitation cards are sent out in order to invite the people of this ceremony. There is a deep reason behind sending out the invitation cards that is to inform the outer world about the decision taken by the groom and the bride to stay together. The Muslim wedding invitation cards are quite a remarkable one, and can be recognized by its colors and patterns and the language used on the cover. In order to keep the card according to the religion’s tradition, the card is mostly preferred to be green, but colors such as red, gold and cream are also used. The Muslim wedding invitation cards carry several arts that would remind us about the era of Mughal rule in India. Their patterns are very remarkable, as the cards are often shaped like leaves or feather of a peacock and many more. The cards also contain few verses from the holy book of the Muslims, the Holy Quran. In order to buy these kinds of invitation cards, one should visit to the stores or websites that are specialized in the particular form.

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