Make Ready on Designable Dream Wedding Card with Unforgettable Offer!

Excellent design with the printable dream wedding cards which are varieties of colors at gorgeous look. These cards are completely personalized unique and memorable offers. Dream wedding card offers various religious invitations like Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding, Jewish wedding, Multifaith wedding, Christian wedding and many more.

The card with delightful design at unbelievable offer!

50% discount on printing:
  • This offer is valid for the order more than 100 cards.
  • This offer includes printing custom invitation text on two inserts, bride & groom name, and date of wedding and return address in single colour on envelope.
  • You can choose any font style and ink colour for printing.
10% discount on cards:
  • This offer is valid for order of more than 150 cards.
  • Price of the card should be more than US $ 0.70 per card.
Free shipping for samples:
Additional benefit:
  • Free Envelope seals on every bulk order (more than 100 cards).
  • Sample cost is 100% adjustable with later bulk order excluding shipping cost. This offer valid for the order more than 150 cards.

Some merits & demerits of dream wedding card over other general company cards:

  • The quality of this dream wedding card site offers good quality cards over other general sites.
  • A meaningful wedding requires planning and creative element for wedding couple, also family members so you can get eventually a lot smoother at super vision offers.
  • Our site offers print program in advance, various unbelievable offers, designing attractive cards with great portion.
  • A good sign of professional design of wedding card with splendid look on wedding invitation uniquely give you a ton of cards.

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