South Wedding Invitations

South Indian marriages are little bit different from North Indian convention and these are performed with special South Indian rituals amalgamated with marriage related functions. The whole ceremony and reception is arranged in traditional way and so is about the invitation card. Commonly invitation card are made with Vedic prayers imprinted on it, or sometime the favorite deities’ pictures are find embossed on the invitation card. In one word, South Wedding Invitations cards are somehow different and the specialty of the card lies in their difference.

The South-Indian wedding invitation cards may have different language requirements. The most common needs of languages are Telugu, Kannada,Tamil, Malayalam, etc. for inviting guests and close relatives from own community irrespective of their residential address. In South Wedding Cards are made with best care and precision so that the community sentiment of the client can be honored. Designer card are also available within affordable price range. Call us today!

Card No: DSI-1043

$ : 0.75

Card No: DSI-1042

$ : 1.5

Card No: DSI-1041

$ : 1.1

Card No: DSI-1039

$ : 0.9

Card No: DSI-1036

$ : 0.75

Card No: DSI-1032

$ : 1.25

Card No: DSI-1031

$ : 1.5

Card No: DSI-1026

$ : 0.7

Card No: DSI-1023

$ : 0.95

Card No: DSI-1019

$ : 0.65

Card No: DSI-1017

$ : 0.95

Card No: DSI-1014

$ : 0.65

Card No: DSI-1013

$ : 0.8

Card No: DSI-1009

$ : 0.5

Card No: DSI-1003

$ : 0.65