Tan tuxedos are very trendy right now. Wearing one is a great way to add some color variation to the groom’s look. But even if you love the formality of the traditional black and white tuxedo, you may want to incorporate some pizzazz into the groom’s style. There are plenty of ways to achieve this goal and using a pop of color is one of the simplest and best. Incorporating the wedding colors into the men’s suits via the traditional accessories such as the cummerbund, vest and tie will upgrade the whole look and escalate the style quotient of your big day.

Nontraditional items work too

Punches of color don’t have to be limited to the suit pieces by any means. For example, one of the easiest options is matching the men’s boutonnières to the bride’s bouquet. Many couples today are intentionally going nontraditional, accessorizing with a variety of items including footwear, shoelaces, gum boots and even umbrellas. These simple ideas can transform a plain tuxedo into a spectacular suit that will be fitting when the groom is standing beside the lady of his dreams. They really jazz up the wedding photos, too.

Conduct a dress rehearsal

Before you run around purchasing matching everything, it is a good idea to get the gang together and do a dress rehearsal. You want to execute streamlined sophistication and not necessarily a rainbow. If you have multiple wedding colors, perhaps stick to your top three when it comes to personal indulgence. Try alternating the look with one feature color, rather than two or three. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you may find less is more.

Take your color samples shopping

Everyone processes color in an individual way. Avoid a petty disagreement with your spouse-to-be about which shade of blue is “our blue” by having a swatch of your colors on hand when you are accessory shopping. There are a zillion shades of every color. Trying to coordinate from memory may leave everyone picking something different.

Compromise is everything

If you’re the groom and pink — or chartreuse or peach — isn’t a color you care to wear, you shouldn’t have to be unhappy sporting bubblegum colored accessories simply because they match the centerpieces at the reception. This is also your wedding day and there’s no requirement that you subjugate your wishes on matters of style. The important thing is to find a compromise. Perhaps you and the groomsmen can wear a complementary color, while the décor of the table settings, backdrops, signs, flowers and more showcase the shade you are not comfortable wearing.

Clear communication

The key to a great tuxedo shopping experience is the same as the key to a great marriage — keep the lines of communication open. Remember that you are doing all this in preparation for your wedding — the process of getting everything ready is supposed to be fun. Think of the compromises as excellent opportunities to practice the fine art of communication. Making compromises is one of the main ingredients of building a lifetime of happiness together.

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