A great wedding dress shop will ensure that both the detailing of the dress and the style of the accessories the bride-to-be is considering for her big day are suitable for the formality of her wedding, the location, season and time of day. All of these factors need to be taken into account when putting together an unforgettable head-to-toe wedding look.

Trains and veils

A huge component of your wedding day look comes from your veil and train, which together complete your silhouette. The dress is the main player, but, your pictures and your trek down the aisle will highlight your gorgeous veil and your dress train. It’s crucial that they be spot-on to give you the showstopping look you’re hoping for.

Match your style with the venue

Many brides-to-be already have their wedding dress picked out in their minds. They have long dreamed about the gown in that tattered, old wedding magazine picture they’ve kept tucked away in a dresser drawer for years. Others may have an entire book of sticky notes alpha-numerically listing their top choices or a wish list created from online pics.

Often, ladies are drawn to these pictures (and the actual dresses) based on the shapes and silhouettes they find stunning. The problem comes when everything hasn’t been thought through and brought into alignment. For example, what happens when you have ordered a cathedral length veil at the bridal shop but it works out best for you to have a backyard wedding?

Ordering your dress prior to venue confirmation

Many brides end up with a conundrum because they put wedding dress shopping first and venue confirmation last. This is a completely understandable phenomenon. Ladies are so excited to be planning their wedding that finding a dress is often the initial priority. Many will bring their bridal party in for a fun Saturday of searching for the wedding and bridesmaids dresses of their dreams. But until you know where you’re getting married, this can lead to style challenges.

Another common conundrum is when another bride beats you to booking your top venue choice. This can lead to some scrambling and changing of plans, themes and even color schemes in certain worst-case scenarios. If you can secure your venue first, it will be easier for you to choose a dress with the appropriate train and a veil that is right for your wedding.

Custom alterations

A top-rate bridal salon will have an alterations department on-hand to discuss potential customizations once you have found the perfect gown. Your entire ensemble needs to perfectly fitted in order for your silhouette to flow effortlessly down the aisle. The seamstresses at the shop can work magic as long as you can clearly articulate what you are hoping to achieve.

Using excess material

If need be, consider having your short train lengthened or your long train shortened. If there is excess material, you can easily incorporate it into your bouquet or fabricate some cute DIY hair accessories for your bridal party or flower girl. The material can be used to make a gorgeous picture frame or wedding album as well.

Alternatively, you can use leftover lace to wrap your bouquet stems or incorporate it into the men’s boutonnières. Wrapping glass jars with extra material for custom candle holders is all the rage for crafty brides. Being able to fully utilize everything you paid for will ensure you feel good in more ways than one.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is staffed with seasoned bridal consultants who will make sure that you have considered all the necessary factors when you’re in the salon searching for your dream wedding dress. The alterations department at NYB&G is staffed by professional seamstresses who will ensure a perfect dress fit; they can also make any changes to the garment that are required to work with your venue, season or theme.