Proper fit for your wedding dress is just as important as the dress you choose. In most every case a bridal gown will need at least a little alteration to look just right on the bride’s body. Obviously, your individual alteration needs will be unique to your body shape and the dress you’ve selected. The important thing to keep in mind is simply that with the assistance of an alterations expert you will be walking the aisle on your wedding day in a dress that fits you like a glove. The following reasons detail why it is important to have your dress altered for a great fit.

“Off-the-rack” is just the starting point

Off-the-rack dresses are made to fit the most common body shape and size. They make no allowances for individual variations in bust size, waist, hips or height. An off-the-rack dress will never perfectly fit the particular bride trying it on. It needs to be professionally altered and custom fit to the bride’s own proportions. Unless your wedding dress was made to order, you will need to have it altered for the look you want.

Have your needs catered to

Going to a professional for the alterations to your wedding gown is important because all of your needs will be catered for. If you are dieting and intend to lose weight before wearing your wedding dress, the seamstress can adjust the gown for that scenario and ensure that it still fits you just right at the end of the process. In addition, allowances can be made for the height of your shoes, your foundation garments and more. Your seamstress will make it a point to find out about these things and much more so that you end up with a dress that makes you feel comfortable and looks like a million bucks on your body.

For a glamorous look and confidence

Wearing a perfectly fitting gown on your wedding day will not only make you feel comfortable, but it will give you a boost of confidence in your appearance. When a dress is properly fitted to your body it raises the glamour quotient of the garment. One thing you will definitely want to be on your special day is confident. All eyes are going to be on your for hours on end and you should absolutely radiate confidence. Your demeanor will set the tone for the entire wedding and reception. If everyone sees you glowing in a dress that looks like it was sewn right on you, they will remember the sight forever.

Avoid potential embarrassment

There are several unforeseen mishaps that can occur when you wear an oversize dress or one that is too long. One issue is the dress, which may be relatively heavy as dresses go, might want to slip down all day if it is too big for you. Getting the dress altered to fit you perfectly will secure it in place and save you the embarrassment of constantly adjusting it because it feels like it’s falling off. You also want to be sure that you aren’t showing too much cleavage from the sides in a dress that is too large for you. Plus, you could simply trip on the excess material if the dress is too long. Thankfully, all of these nightmare scenarios can be avoided by having a seamstress alter your dress.

The great news for brides who find their wedding dress in our salon — and we firmly believe that would be any bride who shops with us — is that we have a top quality alterations department right here in New York Bride of Raleigh. Our expert seamstresses will ensure that your beautiful designer dress highlights the parts of your body you love and downplays the parts you don’t. You will feel like a movie star in a form-fitting Oscar dress when the work is completed.